Interview with Victoria Smith on CBC Radio One

Victoria Smith, a collaborative lawyer and a Board member of Collaborative Practice Toronto was interviewed by Michael Enright from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for the Radio One program Sunday Edition on January 29, 2006. Victoria contrasted her previous experience in the adversarial court process with a client-centred, child-focused approach.

This lively 26 minute interview covers such topics as:

  • How does the Collaborative process work?
  • Why is the Collaborative process a better option for many parents and children?
  • How does the Collaborative process manage emotions and conflict?
  • Why can’t the Collaborative lawyers go to court for clients if the Collaborative process breaks down?
  • What does a Collaborative “team” look like, and what does it have to offer?
  • What benefits can coaches, child experts and financial professionals bring to the table?

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