Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are issues of critical significance, both in the broader world and within Collaborative Divorce Toronto.

EDI Initiatives


EDI Committee

Our EDI Committee is dedicated to moving us from aspirational goals to concrete action and initiatives that will address and remove impediments and barriers. We strive to have our membership reflect all of the families and communities that we serve.

EDI Consultant

We have engaged an EDI Consultant to further our work to become ever more inclusive and fair to all in order to ensure that our core collaborative values are reflected in all aspects of the work we do. We need to live up to our promise and our potential.


EDI programs and trainings

Our EDI programs and trainings for members create a space for community learning, dialogue and awareness. We are grateful to our CDT members who have participated in these enlightening, sometimes difficult conversations, as we deepen our understanding and grow together.

Scholarship Program in 2023

CDT is also establishing a Scholarship Program in 2023 to support members of diverse communities to participate in the collaborative process by offering a scholarship to 5 successful applicants towards Collaborative Process training and a 1-year free membership to CDT.

For more information, please email: amrit@invictacounselling.ca.


The EDI committee is actively reaching out to diverse communities to seek participation from a greater number of individuals from under-represented and equity seeking groups.

We know that there is still much work to do. We are implementing mandatory EDI training for all CDT members, and we will continue to make equity, diversity and inclusion a regular component of our trainings and programs as part of our pledge to foster meaningful cultural change.


Amrit Malhotra

I am a South Asian Family Professional excited to be part of the Collaborative Divorce Toronto community that has been welcoming and open to sharing their wisdom to assist me in my professional growth. I look forward to bringing the Collaborative Practice model, a peaceful approach, to all diverse communities. I am proud to be a board member of CDT, a community that offers ongoing learning, mentoring and coaching for new members.


Yunjae Kim

As a lawyer from a racialized community, it is important to me that I belong to an organization that is supportive and respectful of people from different cultures, backgrounds, races, religions, and gender identities etc. At Collaborative Divorce Toronto, there is a real commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive organization for all our members. Being part of an organization that values different perspectives and opinions allows me to better serve my clients and community.

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