Income Assessment in the Gig Economy

Collaborative Lawyer Natalie Boutet for the Law Times

A rise in the gig economy, as a result of the pandemic, has been making things like child and spousal support tricky during a divorce. As many families learned in the last two years, job security can change in an instant and leave individuals piecing together their income from multiple gigs to make ends meet. A lot of families are also choosing gig-based careers for flexibility and the option to work from anywhere. Unfortunately, freelance-style incomes can be challenging to assess and almost always require arrangements custom-tailored to a family’s unique circumstances. This is where Collaborative Professionals can come in. Collaborative Divorce Toronto member Natalie Boutet was recently interviewed for a Law Times article discussing families involved in the gig economy and offered recommendations for how to come to realistic resolutions that work for everyone.

“It’s hard because when people separate, they’re not in their best place, so, we’re asking people not in their best place to work cooperatively or collaboratively, but it is in everyone’s best interest to be creative.” – Natalie Boutet

Read the full Law Times article here.

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