Child Care Expense Deductions After Divorce

Photo: Alaric Sim

Continuing education is an important part of keeping our community up-to-date and effective, as well as building strong working relationships within our group.

Beyond the CPT offered events the following opportunities will also count towards your annual requirement of 6 hours of additional education:

  • Small practice group meetings (1 hour each)
  • OCLF and OAFM conferences
  • Mediation training,
  • Communication skills training,
  • Mentor/Mentee through CPT (maximum 1 hour)
  • Domestic violence training specific to mediation or Collaborative Practice
  • Other conferences, workshops or training specific to collaborative practice

Mediation training events are accepted as there remain limitations to training opportunities specific to collaborative practice, and mediation and collaborative practice share many principles and values.

We encourage all members to attend at least one dinner event so that our community remains vibrant and diverse.

If you are part of a second practice group (e.g. York, Durham or Peel) any continuing education hours for those practice groups are also applicable towards your CPT membership.

If you have been on parenting leave during 2019, the requirement for ongoing educational hours is waived for the 2020 renewal year.

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