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Briar Downey


Briar Downey

Downey Law

674 Kingston Road
Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario M4E 1R4
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(416) 915-3173

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Briar Downey


There’s an old saying that when one door closes, another one opens – but it can be hard in the hallway. I’m here to help you down that hallway.

In my two decades as a family lawyer, I’ve gained extensive knowledge in managing serious family and child matters, intricate financial situations, and separations of varying degrees of conflict. No matter the case, it’s crucial to focus on resolution and negotiate directly and fairly – especially important when children are involved.

I strongly believe that collaborative practice offers the best process, outcomes and satisfaction for couples going through separation as well as those underpinning their relationships with a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement.

No two families are the same, and an arrangement that’s right for one may be wrong for the next. Each case needs an individual approach, and I empower my clients to make decisions that feel right for them, keeping things as simple as possible along the way.

A pragmatic and practical family lawyer, I steer clients toward the issues that matter. I won’t let you spend money and time where it isn’t necessary to the heart of the case.

My firm, Downey Law, is a boutique collaborative family law practice located in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood.

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