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Maddalena Fuller


Maddalena Fuller

Maddalena Fuller Family Law

516 Gladstone Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6H 3J2
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(647) 493-6000

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Maddalena Fuller


I have been practising family for more than ten years and I operate a small practice at Dufferin and Bloor.  Litigation is commonly the means by which the broken-hearted grieve, persecute and exhaust their hatred upon emerging from a failed relationship. The collaborative process is by contrast more compassionate, kinder and it enables us professionals to work collectively as a team. The collaborative process is a commitment to specific rules and guidelines for negotiation that will strengthen the co-parenting relationship, and that will protect the possibility of friendship or a mutually supportive relationship going forward.

I have developed solid working relationships with accountants, valuators, appraisers, and financial planners, as well as a network of family professionals including social workers, parenting coordinators, counsellors and therapists. I am child focused and creative and committed to settlement.

I really enjoy working with people. I am a good listener. I am innovative, progressive, open-minded and non-judgmental. I am committed to coaching, protecting your interests and helping you understand your options in the context of a legal separation.  I view the collaborative process as a commitment to a successful separation and a brighter future.

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