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Don Byng, CFP®, CFDS

Financial Professional

Don Byng, CFP®, CFDS

Don Byng

St. Clements Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4R 1H3
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(416) 529-5114

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Don Byng, CFP®, CFDS

Financial Professional

One of the main concerns people have when taking steps toward separation and divorce is the cost and wondering how different options in the separation and settlement process may affect them financially in the future.

It may feel impossible to sort out your financial issues so you need someone who can patiently explain the financial complexities in plain language. You may want to consider the option of consulting an unbiased Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, like Don.

It would help to have a neutral financial professional like Don to help you each understand and communicate your interests and have them considered throughout the process. This is particularly important if there is a power imbalance between you and the other person making emotional issues like child or spousal support, property division, expenses, or debt difficult to navigate.

It is also significant to have an unbiased professional opinion if there is a wide difference in knowledge between you and the other person about your family finances or financial entitlements or responsibilities under the law.

Other challenges could include:
- Either or both of you experienced a recent change or expect to experience a change in your financial situation.
- Quite a bit of time has passed since you initially separated, your life situation and expectations could be significantly different.
- You are close to retirement and you could be worried about whether you will have enough money to retire.
- You may be considering a new estate plan given your separation and divorce.

When you or the other person already has a financial advisor or if other financial professionals are required to value your assets, it would be beneficial to have someone neutral who can speak to them, in their language, to help you gather the relevant information.

Be reassured, your professional relationship with Don, a neutral financial planner, will be limited only to your separation and divorce process. He will not try to sell you any other financial products or services.

Don has helped more than 1,600 high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and couples better understand their financial lives, plan for expected and unexpected life transitions, and consider options. He models personalized scenarios and prepares comprehensive financial planning documents for clients including those who own their own business, are corporate executives, professionals including doctors, accountants and lawyers, and those who are retired. He works on complicated situations and very simple ones too. He has worked in collaboration with accountants, investment advisors, and private bankers.

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